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Little Blue Train


Train Boy

He chuckled at the little blue train,

a whirring blur on the wooden track,

the singing toot for a plastic cow,

a warning flag by a cracked left spur,

as whizzing cars flew across the bridge,

he chuckled at the little blue train.

— Mommy

The Freedom Train (Star Spangled Banner cadence)

Summer 2007 040

Cumbres-Toltec Railroad
Colorado & New Mexico
Summer 2007

He points to a TV

from a hospital bed

in a room filled with trees,

branching tubes bearing life’s fruit.

Trains fly over a bridge,

as his parents prepare

for a journey abhorred,

knowing nothing can be done.

He is faint and alone,

though surrounded by love,

while life bleeds to black

as his train pulls away.

Now he boards the ancestral

engine and waves

with a smile freed from pain,

his soul lights the way home.


Cumbres-Toltec Railroad: Daddy’s Boy


He sits on engineer’s lap,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Crawling, walking, running legs

of steel on double track.

He crows with barreling might,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Three toots, two toots, one toot, whoosh

and city’s out of sight.

He smiles at promenade’s grace,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Marching mountains, fluted fields

match windows with their pace.

He yawns at terminal’s door,

small hands dropping the wheel.

Nodding, twitching, blinking signs

on drowsy tempo’s score.

— Mommy

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