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Knowing Another


a field of tall grass
sways one way in the wind
when the right question
yields an answer, listener
fails to judge and says nothing

— t. l. cummings
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Why are we never
finished with our own dying
or another’s death
that shakes us from a stupor
year after year, strange and hard

— t. l. cummings
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each owns his own death
the dying proceeds our lives
the meanings we made
the way we loved another
everything enfolds our needs

— t. l. cummings
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Seasons on Hold


sealed in pewter heart

ash whispers untouched seasons

sitting on a shelf


— t. l. cummings

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Thank the Night


golden bodies rest

under shade of streaming rain

rise at midnight’s kiss


— t. l. cummings

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History’s Lesson


(Tanka form)


A cultural greed

crushes trust into ruins.

Pressed between granite

and rich, soiled deposits,

truth strains to the surface.

–Terri Lynn Cummings

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