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The BVI’s: Sailing With the Wind

Willie T's Bar & Grill, Norman Island, BVI

Willie T’s Bar & Grill, Norman Island, BVI
February 2012

Wishing on a rainbow’s end where colors bend ashore,

Living every childhood dream to sail the seas of lore.

There among the heavens you can count the stars as friends,

Charting course with certainty while hoping time suspends.

Rigid sails of breezes’ fuel are flying over seas,

Soaring like an eagle, flowing movements gently tease.

Sailing with the wind while cresting reckless waves before,

Churning through the white caps leaves you scurrying for more!

Laughing with relief, you boast your fear was just pretend,

Happy when at last you drift ashore at Bitter End.

Oil Nut, Baths, and Saba Rock are splendid Ports of Call;

Willie T’s beats all the rest for those who bare it all.

Smiling with remembrance of each day’s activities,

Gleeful when a game score tops the others with great ease.

Sequoyah II returns to rest at Moorings on Beef Island,

 Now six mates have bonded as they head for rocking dry land.

— Terri Lynn Cummings

(A breaks the rules poem for our dear friends.)

Cumbres-Toltec Railroad: Daddy’s Boy


He sits on engineer’s lap,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Crawling, walking, running legs

of steel on double track.

He crows with barreling might,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Three toots, two toots, one toot, whoosh

and city’s out of sight.

He smiles at promenade’s grace,

small hands gripping the wheel.

Marching mountains, fluted fields

match windows with their pace.

He yawns at terminal’s door,

small hands dropping the wheel.

Nodding, twitching, blinking signs

on drowsy tempo’s score.

— Mommy

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