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Costa Rica: Palm Tree Trio


Ballerina Trio
January 2014

Ballerinas pose,

backs straight, long limbs

curved. Pearl necklaces

lace swan necks. On 

an emerald stage, palm

skirts sway in a breezy

dance to the beat

of pounding waves and

a warbling bird chorus.

Cloudy figures watch

from the balcony, enthralled,

while a sprinkler cheers


–Terri Lynn Cummings

Tamarindo Mangrove

IMG_7477IMG_7451 IMG_7513 IMG_7530

A ripple combs the murky inlet fringed with shaggy eyebrows. Foam swipes spider crabs from the mud and brushes rocky teeth, hungry for a soft, bare-skinned foot. Perfumed warnings, passed from leaf to leaf, flick the nose of an armed iguana. Spikes held high, he stands watch in the palm of a bow-legged tree.

Huu huu. Huu huu. Monkeys howl at fleshy intruders disguised in sunglasses and deodorant. Suddenly, a floating log blinks and swings her flirty hips. Trespassers beware.

–Terri Lynn Cummings

The Lounging Chair


Villa Marrakech


Lounging Chairs

In a russet dress,

long legs stretch

on a pillowed

bed of wood

and lounge by

a marble pond

where brilliant

eyes of ancient

gods blink sun.

Shielded from

a cloud of bats

by a one-legged

guard, she naps

with friends

while waiting

for sitters from


–Terri Lynn Cummings

Tamarindno Beach


Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Sunscreen, towel, book, drink

Sandy mess

Sun kisses my neck

–Terri Lynn Cummings

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