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POETS, check out this great opportunity to win $1000 and SHARE it with  your friends. The annual Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest opens September 1 – October 15, 2018! So dust off your poems, write some new ones, and enter. Guidelines are below. To enter, follow the link:

— Terri Lynn Cummings




1st Place: One Thousand Dollars 2nd Place: Two Hundred Dollars 3rd Place: One Hundred Dollars

Readers Choice: Two Hundred DollarsDuotrope will also award a $50 Gift Certificate to the 1st place winner

Our Guest Judge Is Montana Poet Laureate Lowell Jaeger

The contest period: For those who like to get a jump on things, the contest is open now for early submissions. The contest officially opens September 1, 2018, and will close October 15, 2018.

The purpose of the contest is to recognize the work of several outstanding poets and to give the poetry community a fun way to support Songs of Eretz and its mission. A donation of at least twenty dollars is required with each submission.

Please participate only if you want to support Songs of Eretz and its mission. If your motivation is to have your poems read by Lowell Jaeger, know that while EVERY poem will receive a personal response from a member of our editorial staff, only those that make it to the finals will be read by him. If your motivation is to win money, we can respect that, but you are almost certainly going to be disappointed, as many will enter, but few will win.

Failure to follow these simple instructions may result in your submission being disqualified.

First, go to to send your twenty dollar minimum donation for each batch of up to five poems. for the recipient’s address. Include your name and the title(s) of your poem(s) in the PayPal comment section.

Next, email up to FIVE poems, each poem IN A SEPARATE EMAIL (one poem per email),
to Each Subject Line should read: “Contest Submission [Title of Poem]”. Your poem should appear in the body of your email–DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS. If for reason of special formatting you feel an attachment is necessary in order to present your poem properly, query first.

Cover Letter: Include a cover letter IN THE BODY OF EACH EMAIL with the following information:
– The poem’s publication history (unpublished or prior publication history)
– If yours is a simultaneous submission or not. If simultaneous, you must state that you agree to withdraw your poem from consideration elsewhere if it is selected for the semi-finals.
– How you discovered the contest.
– Your contact information, including your city and state. Include your country too if you live outside the United States.
– Please indicate if you would like to be added to our email list and thereby receive periodic news and updates from Songs of Eretz.

You will not be added to the list unless you ask. Your decision to be added to the list or not will have no bearing whatsoever on the evaluation of your submission.
– Please do not include anything else (such as your bio, credits, or any explanatory material or notes). Submissions that include such additional information will be automatically disqualified. If you feel your poem requires an explanation, revise it until you feel it does not.

If one (or more than one) of your poems is offered publication, you will be asked for (and expected to provide) your bio, publication credits, and a “poet’s notes” statement–but PLEASE wait to be asked for these items.

Important Definitions & Exclusions (skip this section at your peril):

– A “submission” is a batch of up to five poems submitted during the same hour.

– Unpublished work and reprints are welcome.
– Poetry of any genre and up to 833 words in length will be considered.
– A “poem” is a SINGLE piece of verse. If your poem is really a numbered series of poems, each numbered poem in the series counts as ONE. If you are not sure, query first.
– Poems previously submitted to a Songs of Eretz venue, whether accepted or rejected for publication, are NOT eligible.
– Collaborative work (a poem composed by more than one poet) is NOT permitted.
– Simultaneous submissions ARE permitted INITIALLY. However, if your poem makes it as far as the semi-finals, you must withdraw it from consideration elsewhere.
– Work pending publication elsewhere is NOT permitted.
– Past Songs of Eretz Poetry Award Contest winners and past and present Songs of Eretz staff members and guest contest judges and their immediate families are NOT eligible to participate. Temporary editorial staff first readers are not eligible for the contest for which they are first readers.

The Readers Choice Award Contest: All non-winning finalists must agree to allow their poems to be published in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review as participants in the Readers Choice Award Contest, and the readership will vote for its favorite among them. The poet whose poem receives the most votes will be awarded two hundred dollars. The only payment the other participants will receive is publication.

Every previously unpublished poem submitted will be considered for unpaid publication in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review. Response Time and Feedback: Enter early and enter often! Unlike most contests, entries will be read and receive responses on a rolling basis, usually within a few days of submission–we do NOT wait until the contest is closed to respond.The winning entries will be published (or reprinted) in the Review as special features.

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