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Chocolate Pie


Chocolate pie
was the punch line.
The family’s fencing
flattered and frustrated
their mother, while painting
a smile on her face.

What do you want for dessert?
she said. It should go with
what we have for dinner.
How about a carrot cake
with beans and ham hock?
Or a nice chess pie with
fried chicken and okra?

She added grandchildren
to the table, but the sum of their
response remained the same.
Sometimes, she rebelled
and made the chess or cake
but their praise registered
a finger lick less than desired.

Now heavy holidays
moan in her chair
and wait for family’s response.
They rave over chocolate pie
made by her great-grandchildren
pass her around the table
heaped in stories and recipes.
Ease their hunger
for a slice of her smile.

–t. l. cummings

Photo taken by Jesus Chavez de Ledford

First published Dragon Poet Review

Click to access summer-2016-issue-dragon-poet-review.pdf

Page 18 of 2016 Summer Issue



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